They Hit The Ground Running...

Terilyn was immediately thrown in to some very difficult focus group recruiting projects in the US and Europe.  One Planet’s first project with me was one of the toughest recruits that I'd ever been involved in and they hit the ground running.

Qualitative Market Research

The Account Team is always very responsive to email and voice mail.  I know that I can totally rely on their professionalism and knowledge of qualitative market research

Reliable and Competent Professionals

I’ve been working with Terilyn and her team since 2009 and she has become a strategic data collection supplier for our company in our multi country projects. She is the best example of how to overcome great odds and provide solutions. The reliable and competent professional we all look for.

Effective and Accountable

I find OPOC to be highly effective and accountable. They effectively find the way to make all necessary efforts to get things done; even in adverse situations.

Trusted Strategic Partner

 I have worked with One Planet over the past several years.  They have always been a consummate professional and have become a trusted strategic research partner.

Creative and Innovative Solutions

We have worked together on a number of complicated and challenging qualitative projects, particularly within the health care sector.  Whenever faced with a challenging and difficult recruit, they consistency focuses on creative and innovative solutions to solve these issues.

Highest Level of Dedication

Working with OPOC, on any project, provides me with the utmost confidence that everything will be handled at the highest level of dedication and professionalism.  What makes POPC’s contributions so valuable, is the creativity in addressing rather unique and, often times, daunting logistical and viability issues.

Get The Job Done

Despite a steep learning curve (technical new product development), very small target audiences to recruit and difficult project conditions they were able to get the job done.