About Us
Market Research has three important parts;

Pre-field - define the question that needs to be answered
• Field - ask the question
• Post-field - provide the answer to the question

The majority of our clients are end user market research departments or boutique market research/marketing gurus that do not have manpower, time or sometimes the expertise to manage the myraid of tasks that take place during the Field portion of a Global project.  This makes for a perfect partnership as OPOC's experience and expertise is firmly based on primary data collected in the field. 

Our proficiency at Field work tasks and needs allow our clients to focus intently on defining the right question and analyzing the responses to the questions.

One Planet One Call, Inc. was created with the vision of bringing its Clients the benefits of these partnerships, continually cultivating  astute, project-tailored teams of high quality providers worldwide.


 Terilyn Reber, President

A key role for me within One Planet is something akin to a gardener.It seems I’ve spent most of my career Researching and gathering high quality and unique “seeds”  to plant and cultivate. I learned early on that to grow these assets, whether in terms of staff, partners, clients or respondents, it takes time, effort and focus to clearly understand the opportunity they represent vs the commodity they are often seen as by others.

As in any garden, the choice of seedlings is not always static, but under constant review and when necessary, rotation to keep the soil as fruitful as it can be. We also know another necessity is to always keep the basics in plain sight. 

Any garden starts with soil, sun and water as key unchangeable basics.  In my experience those key components in research are attention, communication, experience, flexibility and integrity.

My metaphoric garden is held together by a like mindedness of what excellent client relations and services should be mixed with an innate need for quality. I’m confident that we’ve created a garden the produces an ongoing harvest of key assets we consistently bring to the table for our clients.

  Joyce Inabnitt, VP/Account Executive

I personally think we are like expert jugglers.

All projects start with solid understanding of the research objective.  With that understanding, we then match the right resources for the project while managing timing, and cost AND  while cultivating our client and supplier relationships.

Staying with this juggler analogy, we are well aware that a good juggler is flexible and always prepared for that next ball to enter the mix.

That is one of the challenges I just love!

 From Our Project managers:
I believe our greatest strength is the ability to look at a situation and provide a solution.

We look at each project as a puzzle.  The more challenges that are presented; the more we utilize our experience, creativity and resolve to place each piece for a successful result.

We can honestly say that we rarely see anything as impossible, but rather approach each endeavor open-mindedly, knowing that free and unrestained exchange of information is key to the placement of that final piece of the puzzle.